with Kill Paris, Son of Kick
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Doors At 7:00 pm / Show At 7:30 pm
GA $37.50adv/$40dos
All Ages
Small Cameras OK, No Audio, No Video

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Per Artist Request:
• No Smoking Inside Venue - includes vapor/electronic cigarettes
• No Crowd Surfing Inside Venue
• All Patrons and Belongings Subject to Search - includes removal of footwear

Prohibited Items:
• Any professional cameras, video and/or audio equipment
• An item that can be used as a weapon
• Fireworks or any kind of explosive
• Glass containers of any kind
• Illegal Substances – includes medical marijuana
• Unsealed Packages – includes cigarettes, tampons, gum, candy, Chap Stick, lip gloss, medications, etc. and must be factory-sealed packaging
• Electronic and Vapor Cigarettes
• Flammable Products, Materials or Sprays
• Drug Paraphernalia
• Vitamins
• Instruments
• Large Bags and Backpacks – must be smaller than 12”x12”x16”
• Water Guns, Water Balloons or any Water Projectile
• Glow Sticks
• Focus Light Beam Devices – includes laser pointers
• Any Item that can be used as a means to disturb the peace or endanger the safety of the crowd or inflict damage to people and goods
• Pets (except service animals with current rabies certification)

Allowed Items:
• Non-Professional Digital and Film Cameras
• Costumes, Masks or Face Paint (please note the venue must be able to verify identity if needed for age verification)
• Battery Operated Lighting Items
• Hula Hoops
• Reasonable amount of Inflatable Toys
• Totems no larger than 5’-6’ that are not constructed in a way to be dangerous to public safety
• One (1) Factory-Sealed Plastic Bottle of Water 20oz or less – caps must be removed and discarded by venue staff prior to venue entry
• CamelBak Style Water Bladder System – bladder must be empty, removable and transparent
• Prescription Medications – must be in original prescription bottle with a matching government issued photo ID
• Over The Counter Medication – must be in the original, factory-sealed container