Suite 100 serves as The Pageant Box Office during the day. Tickets to The Pageant shows may be purchased inside Suite 100 during normal business hours.

Suite 100 also serves as a Ticketmaster Retail Outlet, serving the St. Louis Region. Ticketmaster events can be purchased in Suite 100, including events at Scottrade Center, Peabody Opera House, Hollywood Casino Amphitheater, Edward Jones Dome, and Duck Room at Blueberry Hill. All tickets are subject to normal Ticketmaster Outlet fees. Cash discount does not apply to events at other venues.


Suite 100 Store - Click Here to View Full Store

Some Items Available for Purchase Include: 
Chuck Berry Brown Shirt

Bid for Autographed Marquee posters in our eBay store.



Suite 100 provides early entry for those UNDER 21. If you are over 21, please visit the Halo Bar website.

Early entry wristbands are distributed inside of Suite 100 beginning at 5pm on the night of the show. No purchase is necessary to obtain a wristband. Once you have your wristband, you MUST wear it on your right wrist for entry. All wristbands are numbered and you will be required to line up in numerical order 45 minutes before the regular door time. You will then be allowed entrance just prior to the general public.

Only ONE wristband will be given to each person. Parents/Guardians/Older Siblings who are over 21 and attending with those under 21 MUST be present to receive their wristbands. Only 50 wristbands will be given out per show.Wristbands are given out until 6PM on the night of the show or until all wristbands have been distributed. 


I'm under 21, but my friends/sister/brother/cousins are over 21, can they get in too? Halo Bar performs early entry for those over 21 at the same time as Suite 100. Your friends may enter early through the Halo Bar and meet you inside. If you are a parent/guardian wanting to enter with a young child, you must also receive a wristband.

I won't be able to pick up a wristband early on the day of the show, can I pick it up days in advance? Nope. Wristbands are only given out after 5pm on the day of the show.

Can I pick up a wristband for my friend? No, there is a one wristband per person limit. If you are over 21 and coming with someone under 21, you both must be present to receive your wristbands.

What if I arrive late, after early entry is already performed? Can I cut in the main line? Early entry means you must be there early! It is not an opportunity to cut in line. If you arrive after early entry is performed, you must wait in the back of the line outside the main entrance.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 314.726.6161 or email


Suite 100 offers a full espresso bar, including speciality lattes, cappucinnos, as well as regular coffee. Smoothies and various bottled beverages are also sold, along with small snacks. During The Pageant shows, grab a beverage and head into the venue. YES! All beverages purchased inside Suite 100 may be taken into the venue!


Suite 100 is housed in the same building as The Pageant, located on the East corner (if you are facing the Box Office it is to your right).

6161 Delmar, Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63112


Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm
*Open late & on Sundays (open at 12pm) on The Pageant show nights.


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Suite 100

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