Bad Suns - Red Flag - St. Louis, MO - 10.15.22

The Pageant Presents
Apocalypse Whenever North America 2022

Bad Suns

with Last Dinosaurs , Quarters of Change

About Bad Suns

“When we were done touring our second record, we were exhausted being Bad Suns,” admits singer/guitarist Christo Bowman. “We just decided to do whatever the fuck we wanted.”

It’s not surprising that BAD SUNS felt burned out: After forming as teenagers in 2012, a pair of beloved albums (2014’s Language & Perspective, which peaked at #24 on the Billboard 200, and 2016’s Disappear Here) launched the LA-based quartet onto tours with the likes of the 1975 and Halsey, festivals like Coachella and the homepages of Alternative Press and NYLON — with the latter hailing Bad Suns as “the sort of rock that we just never get enough of.”

By the time their 2019 Epitaph debut, Mystic Truth, rolled around, the band — Bowman, guitarist Ray Libby, drummer Miles Morris, and bassist Gavin Bennett — needed a breath, a proverbial gap year after the crash-course education they received going straight from high-school halls into the indie-rock pressure cooker.

As a result, LP3 was a little softer around the edges, more contemplative, introspective, and somber but still resonant enough to introduce Bad Suns to some of the largest audiences of their career, including a slot on Lollapalooza’s main stage and on the soundtrack of Jason Reitman’s 2020 COVID-confined miniseries remake of The Princess Bride.

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