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The 404 Tour

Barns Courtney

Wilderado, Chaz Cardigan
This show has been cancelled. Refunds available at point of purchase.
Statement from artist:
I absolutely hate canceling shows. My favorite thing about this job is going out on the road and sweating in a little box with all the lovely people who made my career possible. Swanning about in an enormous rolling living room full of boos and my best friends as I make noises at your faces with my face has been a dream unlike any other I could’ve possibly imagined! Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, this ruddy COVID debacle has got the better of us…FOR NOW. And despite my deep and entrenched love for flying by the seat of my pants I cannot put lives in danger for the sake of a good time. So, after much postponing and dodging, it is with an incredibly heavy heart that I must cancel my upcoming tour. I love you all so much. And I know this is a time when we could all use a little music more than ever. But until we get a handle on this thing, we’re gunna have to hold on just a little longer. Thank you. So much. For giving me everything I have. Always and forever yours, -Barns