Broken Social Scene - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO - 10.05.23

20 Years of You Forgot It In People

Broken Social Scene

with Hannah Georgas

Set Times:
Broken Social Scene – 9:00pm
Hannah Georgas – 8:00pm
Doors – 7:00pm
*Set times are approximate and subject to change without notice.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of their album, You Forgot It In People, Broken Social Scene are playing songs from their seminal sophomore album, among many more hits.

About Broken Social Scene

At the dawn of the 21st-century, just as the internet began infecting every aspect of our daily lives, Toronto musicians Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning began building a social network of their own. Like other such networks you’re familiar with, it quickly expanded to include friends, and friends of friends. It became a place where they could live out their best lives or fret about the fragile state of the world. And yes, occasionally, it became a forum for arguments and oversharing. But this social network didn’t require you to stay glued to your smartphone to take part in it. Quite the opposite: Since debuting in 2001, Broken Social Scene have personified the unyielding, incomparable power of IRL human connection.

It’s hard to know what to make of an ongoing experiment like Broken Social Scene. Is it a band? Not quite. Bands tend to have defined memberships and aesthetics and goals; Broken Social Scene have never been bothered with such limitations. Is it a cult? Nah— some of them have the beards, but they could never agree on the right robes. Is it a collective? Certainly, it can seem that way when...

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About Hannah Georgas

In the journal of Hannah Georgas, there’s an entry which reads: “I want these songs to express a lot of hope in the darkness. I want them to sound uplifting, but not try to hide my pain, and express the truth. I want to clear out all the negative thoughts I feel about myself. I want to not already think things are over before they’ve even begun.”

The process of writing her new album I’d Be Lying if I Said I Didn’t Care was a journey of catharsis and self-confrontation. Sometimes it gave her anxiety, sometimes it gave her a song.

Born and raised in rural Ontario, Georgas was the middle child of three sisters. Her parents were strict in their religious beliefs, and it was within the confines of this upbringing that Georgas can pinpoint the roots of her lifelong battle for self-acceptance. Her father was devout, at times separating himself to their basement and occasionally speaking in tongues. However, it was his love of music and swimming that Georgas embraces to this day, paying homage to both after his passing with breakthrough single “Ode to Mom”. The track later became the anthem for the Canadian...

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