Carly Cosgrove - The Duck Room - St. Louis, MO - 08.01.24

Summer Tour

Carly Cosgrove

with Lobby Boxer , Young Animals , Right Quick

About Carly Cosgrove

Philadelphia trio Carly Cosgrove’s debut LP, See You In Chemistry, is about growth, but not the tidy, Instagram-ready kind. At its beginning, vocalist and guitarist Lucas Naylor is steady, stable, and happy: the work has been done, progress has been made, things are alright. Over the remaining 11 tracks, and across a complex, earworm patchwork of riotous emo punk, towering post-hardcore, mathy indie rock, and crystalline shoegaze, things fall apart: bands dissolve, friendships end, and self-doubt, depression and anxiety triple-team their way to victory over happiness.

“Chronologically, this record comes after a point where I thought I got a lot of personal growth done,” says Naylor. “But at a certain point I just found myself hitting a wall, I felt like I was moving backwards. Whenever people talk about growth, it’s always in triumphs: ‘Look at this destination I’ve finally reached.’ With this, the whole record is kind of a step backwards.”

Besides being a reference to Nickelodeon TV show Drake and Josh, See You In Chemistry doubles as a comment on the chemicals that govern our brains and bodies, and a semi-hopeful glance toward some future moment when things might be better again. “The idea behind the title is...

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About Young Animals

Get ready to be swept away by the Math-y Midwest Emo stylings of Young Animals. Hailing from the vibrant music scene of St. Louis, Missouri, these musicians bring a fresh twist to this genre. With complex time signatures and intricate guitar riffs, their music is a true treat for the ears. Queer fronted, their infectious melodies and emotional lyrics will have you dancing, screaming, and crying all at once.