Dancing Earth Reunion - Delmar Hall - St. Louis, Missouri - 12.04.21

Dancing Earth Reunion (formerly Blue Dixie)

Set Times:
Dancing Earth Reunion
Show: 8pm
Doors: 7pm
*Set times are approximate and subject to change without notice.

“Our Dear Friends,

As you know, our brother Smitty has been sick for a while now, fervently and valiantly fighting to extend his days with us. Over the course of the past year, that battle has brought much to the fore—not least of which is the love of so many friends and family. It is rare, indeed, that we are afforded the opportunity during our lifetime to know and experience just how much we are loved—and how much that love suspends and carries us. Fortunately, through the outpouring that has buoyed him, Smit has been able to see and experience first-hand the profound enormity of everyone’s love and friendship. His heart is full and secure in that knowledge.

The past year, while scary, depressing, and dark, has also brought about adventure, an engagement, time with loved ones, the creation of music, and strengthened relationships. The whole band spent a week with Smitty last spring—holed up in a cabin at Perch Lake, MI, playing through old tunes, and composing new ones. We all laughed, cried, jammed, dissed one another in classic form, and reaffirmed the notion that we are all so fortunate to be part of this wonderful, giving, loving family. In a way, we have all come of age together, and this music has given us a vehicle to gather, grow, and become the best versions of ourselves possible. Many met and became friends at these shows, some became lovers, and some brought forth future music lovers. While our hearts are heavy during this time, they are also full.

At this point, the experts say they have exhausted all they know, and time—however fleeting it has appeared prior—is speeding up. Since life is a sum of experiences, Smit has requested one more with all of us and you. On Dec. 4, we will play one show in St. Louis at Delmar Hall. We will be pulling out some of Smit’s favorite tunes that evening, as well as debuting a new one that was written for him. It is our hope that many will be able to join in the celebration of Smitty’s life and music. Please stay tuned for details.

With love and eternal gratitude for all of you,
Dancing Earth Reunion”

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