Fivefold - Delmar Hall - St. Louis, MO - 11.18.23

Modern Brewery Presents
'Fill In The Blank' CD Release Show


with Kings By Day , Naysayers

About Fivefold

Fivefold was founded in 2007 by Derrick Huskey, Matt Benne, Ryan Cheney, and Jesse Berlin – a group of teenagers who sought to change the world with their music. In 2010 the self-titled EP was released, making a splash that would eventually become a tide. The band began to land some great show opportunities through hours of rehearsing, writing, and scheming.

In 2011, the band began recording their first full-length album, “The Story,” in honor of their late mentor/manager Jim Story. When nearing completion of the record, in January of 2012, Jesse Berlin suddenly passed away in his sleep due to unknown causes. In honor of Jesse and Jim, the band chose to move forward with the release of the album – with one change. The song “Lost Within” was the final song written with Jesse (but was not previously recorded). The addition of this song forever changed the fate of the band.

In 2013, Fivefold went to the studio with Matt Amelung to record the EP “Hold On.” After a year of shows in support of the EP, the band went through another change and brought Amelung into the fold...

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