Gin Blossoms - The Pageant - 11.04.22 - St.Louis,MO

KPNT 105.7 The Point Welcomes
New Miserable Experience Live
Celebrating 30 Miserable Years

Gin Blossoms

with The Last Bandoleros

COVID-19 Entry Requirements
Vaccination Proof/Test: Not Required
Mask: Optional

Set times:
Gin Blossoms – 9:15pm
The Last Bandoleros – 8pm
Doors – 7pm
*Set times are approximate & subject to change without notice.

New date for the Gin Blossoms show will be November 4, 2022, tickets will be honored for the postponed March 11 date.

About Gin Blossoms

“……These talented tunesmiths promise the inevitable arrival of new material and as they approach their third decade, Gin Blossoms remain a rare breed – rock ‘n’ roll lifers, destined to continue creating, crafting, and performing for audiences ever rapt by their glorious catalog of material. “We’re entertaining and we have chops,” says Wilson, “but it really comes down to the songs. The reason we’re still here is that we have good songs. When young musicians ask me for advice, what’s the best thing to do to further my career, I always say, ‘Write good songs.’ It always comes down to that.”

The band’s fusion of Pop, Melodic Rock, Folk and Country elements took the airwaves by siege, making the band an MTV playlist hostage for almost a decade and the group a natural 90’s mainstay. From their breakout album through today, Robin, Jesse, Bill and Scotty have sold over 10 million records and are one of the most in demand 90’s live artists who began at the end of the grunge era. In 2017 the band went back in the studio recording a new album. Fans will get a taste of the new album as it works its way into...

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