GWAR - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO - 08.30.23

105.7 The Point Welcomes


with Crobot , 200 Stab Wounds

Attention: GWAR sprays water mixed with non-toxic food grade dye into the audience. If you are within the first several rows of the pit, you may get sprayed with this liquid. The dye will temporarily discolor hair and clothing but washes out easily. Contact lenses may be discolored but this will wash out with a simple saline rinse.

Set Times:
GWAR – 9:30pm
Crobot – 8:20pm
200 Stab Wounds – 7:30pm
Doors – 6:30pm
*Set times are approximate & subject to change without notice.

About GWAR

The story of GWAR is carved across the history of this hopeless planet, but GWAR themselves are not of this world…Their story begins far past Uranus, in the deepest reaches of space, where the beings known as GWAR were warriors in the Scumdogs of the Universe, an elite fighting force in the army of the Master of All Reality. But GWAR proved too reckless and powerful, and after a series of tragic but hilarious blunders, they were banished to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, with orders to conquer an insignificant backwater prehistoric mud ball known as the planet Earth. Once here, GWAR, the original Ancient Aliens, shaped the face of the globe, wiping out the dinosaurs, and mating with apes to create the human race. Having accidentally given rise to all human history, theMaster of All Reality froze them in Antarctic ice where they could do no more harm. It was there they were discovered by a shady entrepreneur known as Sleazy P Martini, who sat the band down in front of professional wrestling, late-night horror movies, heavy metal music, and a steady diet of crack cocaine until GWAR became the cultural force they are today!

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