Jesse Jo Stark - Blueberry Hill Duck Room - STL, MO - 10.02.23

The Doomed Tour

Jesse Jo Stark

with Rachel Bobbitt , Yannon

Set Times:
Jesse Jo Stark – 10:00pm
Rachel Bobbit – 8:45pm
Yannon – 8:00pm
Doors – 7:00pm
*Set times are approximate and subject to change without notice.

About Yannon

Yannon is a singer-songwriter based in St. Louis. She does not like writing bios but dang does she love to sing. Yannon is a long-time choir nerd who writes music to find her safe haven. Her goal is for others to find theirs in her sounds and stories, too.

Yannon’s debut album “Cohesion,” features soulful synthpop, jazzy vocals, and tender lyrics weaved together to create gut-wrenching ballads that she hopes get people to dance, cry, and hum to on their daily commute.

She’s looking forward to her new songs being released in 2023 and her upcoming live performances. Stay tuned.