Parkway Drive - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO - 02.07.23

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Darker Still USA 2023

Parkway Drive

with Memphis May Fire , CURRENTS

This event is Sold Out.

Set Times:
Parkway Drive – 9:30pm
Memphis May Fire – 8:15pm
Currents – 7:30pm
Doors – 6:30pm
*Set times are approximate & subject to change without notice.

About Parkway Drive

Formed in Byron Bay in 2003, Parkway Drive have released seven full-length studio albums, all on Epitaph: Killing with a Smile (2005), Horizons (2007), Deep Blue (2010), Atlas (2012), IRE (2015), Reverence (2018) & Darker Still (2022) .  Darker Still entered the official German & Swiss album charts at #5, Austrian at #7, Belgian at #11, United Kingdom at #2 (Rock & Metal Chart) & US at #4 (Current Hard Rock Music Album Chart).  In their home country Australia, the band had their 3rd consecutive #1 album on the ARIA chart.

Darker Still, frontman Winston McCall says, is the vision he and his bandmates – guitarists Jeff Ling and Luke Kilpatrick, bassist Jia O’Connor and drummer Ben Gordon – have held in their mind’s eye since a misfit group of friends first convened in their parents’ basements and backyards in 2003. The journey to reach this moment has seen Parkway evolve from metal underdogs to festival-headlining behemoth, off the back of close to 20 grueling years, 7 critically and commercially acclaimed studio albums (six of which achieving Gold status in their home nation), three documentaries, one live album, and many, many thousands of shows.

To understand that growth is to understand Darker Still, both musically and thematically. Those who thought they had Parkway Drive figured out — the unrivaled...

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About Memphis May Fire

Memphis May Fire makes anthems for the broken. The four-piece rock band channel a generation’s worth of angst, frustration, and pain, with a focused blend of gigantic melodic hooks and crushing aggression. Even after topping Billboard’s Hard Music Albums chart and breaking into radio’s Active Rock Top 20, Memphis May Fire refuses to sacrifice who they are or the people who made them. In fact, Remade in Misery, their seventh full-length album, is the heaviest Memphis May Fire record yet.

Memphis May Fire confronts crippling anxiety, violence, disrespect, polarization, substance abuse, and overzealous self-righteousness all over Remade in Misery, strengthened by a foundation of hope and renewal at the heart of the lyrics. Tracks like “Bleed Me Dry,” “Death Inside,” “Only Human,” and “The Fight Within” evoke the cathartic bombast of the band’s best-known songs, a return to their roots with the seasoned polish earned through years of touring and making music together.

A new season unfolds for the band, filled with revitalization and renewal. Having worked with A-list producers, cowriters, and in multiple studios to deliver 2018’s eclectic breakthrough, Broken, the band looked backward to move forward. Stripping things down to their core elements, hearkening back to the basement...

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CURRENTS is the new standard for death-infused metalcore. This is emotionally fraught and impossibly angry music soaked in cold, depressive atmosphere. CURRENTS explore the forbidden realms of a tortured psyche, searching for meaning amidst uncertain chaos and venom.

Heartache, physical abuse, abandonment, trauma – no dark emotion is spared examination. CURRENTS also turn their gaze outward, offering no mercy to man-made catastrophes like climate change and animal
abuse. An exploitative system that inflicts such harm upon humanity and the entire world will not be spared the wrath within this explosive, weaponized bombast.

The Way It Ends, the second full-length from the Connecticut bruisers, is a thematic and spiritual successor to their dense, bludgeoning, and smartly constructed full-length debut, The Place I Feel Safest
(2017), and a direct follow-up to the blistering and diverse EP, I Let The Devil In (2018). Those well-versed in Meshuggah, Humanity’s Last Breath, Vildhjarta, and Architects have embraced CURRENTS with full-throated passion. A combination of their contemporaries and influences, channeled through unique perspective and personal experience, resulted in something revolutionary. It’s why they
were handpicked for tours with August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, We Came As Romans, Fit For A King,...

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