Plain White T's - Delmar Hall - St. Louis, MO - 02.15.24

Fired Up 2024 Tour

Plain White T's

About Plain White T's

Songs typically tell stories, but every once in a while, they also harbor characters as lively as anyone on the big screen or as nuanced and complex as the protagonist of your favorite novel. A fair share of unforgettable people populate the catalog of Plain White T’s. You can practically see the girl in “Rhythm of Love” who “rises up like the tide,” the feisty young lady who’s “a legend in the late-night scene” on “Natural Disaster,” or the “Bonnie” who inspired “Bonnie I Want You.” And, of course, who can forget that eternal muse who moved to the Big Apple in “Hey there Delilah?”

During 2023, the multiplatinum two-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated band introduce a bevy of new songs (and friends) for us to fall in love with…

“All of the songs are about different moments, girls, or experiences,” Tom notes. “In reality, life is just a bunch of friends and situations. Love and people come and go. Over the course of the band’s history, I’ve taken those memories and put them into songs. When you write a song, you’re just trying to capture a moment. If listeners connect it to their own lives and stories, there’s nothing better.”


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