Terrible, Thanks For Asking - Delmar Hall - St. Louis, MO - 04.01.23

Bad Vibes Only Tour
Hosted by Nora McInerny

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Set Times:
Terrible, Thanks For Asking: 8:00pm
Doors: 7:00pm
*Set times are approximate and subject to change without notice.

VIP INFO: The VIP package features a meet-and-greet with Nora that starts one hour before doors. Warning: She’s very tall.
VIP PRICING: $125 ON TOP of the $35 ticket price. Total = $160 + ticketing fees.

About Terrible, Thanks For Asking

It’s a question people ask (and get asked) all the time: “How are you?” And normally we all just respond with “Fine!” even if we’re totally dying inside, so everyone can go about their day.

Terrible, Thanks For Asking” is a podcast by author, reluctant grief expert, and generally pretty funny person Nora McInerny that does the opposite of that. That lets people be honest about how they’re really feeling. Sometimes that means: Depressed! Anxious! Stuck in an internet doomscrool! Sometimes it means: If I laugh any harder, I’m gonna bruise a rib! And often, it’s a whole lot of both.

It may be Good Vibes Only all day every day at your local HomeGoods store, but here at TTFA, it’s Bad Vibes Only.