Black Angels - Delmar Hall - Saint Louis, Missouri - 10.03.22

The Black Angels

with The Vacant Lots

COVID-19 Entry Requirements
Vaccination Proof/Test: Not Required
Mask: Optional

Set times:
The Black Angels – 9pm
The Vacant Lots – 8pm
Doors – 7pm
*Set times are approximate & subject to change without notice.

The Black Angels at Delmar Hall on February 8, 2022 is rescheduled. New Date is Monday, October 3, 2022. Previously purchased tickets will be honored at the new date.

From the band: “We’re very sad to announce that we have to postpone our upcoming tour due to ongoing concerns and uncertainty about the spread of Covid-19. We will be announcing the rescheduled dates very soon, so please hold on to your tickets and they will be honored for the rescheduled shows. Can’t wait to see you all when we get back out on the road soon.”

About The Black Angels

The best music reflects a wide-screen view of the world back at us, helping distill the universal into something far more personal. Since forming in Austin in 2004, The Black Angels have become standard-bearers for modern psych-rock that does exactly that, which is one of many reasons why the group’s new album, Wilderness of Mirrors, feels so aptly named.

Says vocalist/bassist Alex Maas, “a big focal point of this record is just the overall insanity that’s happening. What’s true? What’s not?” Adds guitarist Christian Bland, “We leave our music open to interpretation, but our topics are always universal themes – problems mankind has had since the beginning of time. You can relate them to any period.”

Indeed, in the five years since the release of the band’s prior album, Death Song, and the two-plus years spent working on Wilderness of Mirrors, pandemics, political tumult and the ongoing devastation of the environment have provided ample fodder for the Black Angels’ signature sonic approach. If the group’s members were terrified as they honed new music heading into an election year, they realized they didn’t even know how scary things could still get.

So, they looked inward, focusing on...

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About The Vacant Lots

Interzone ​ is the third full-length album by New York’s electro post-punk duo The Vacant Lots,  released on Fuzz Club, June 26, 2020. A genre-blending synthesis of dance and psych, Interzone  is made for secluded listeners and all night partygoers, meant for headphones and  the club.   

Uninhibited by the limitations of two people and continuing their mission of “minimal means maximum effect,” The Vacant Lots’ Jared Artaud and Brian MacFadyen create an industrial amalgam  of  icy  electronics  and  cold  beats  with  detached  vocals  and  hard  hitting  guitars.  Interzone’s ​ trance-like opener ‘Endless Rain’ and the kinetic krautrock stomper ‘Into The Depths’ are followed by scintillating dark disco anthems ‘Rescue’ and ‘Exit’. Side 2 kicks off with  80’s  synth-pop  track  ‘Fracture’  and  haunting  after-hours  minimal wave ‘Payoff,’ while  ‘Station’ and album closer ‘Party’s Over’ deal with disillusionment and conquering one’s indifference to make real change.   

The album creates order from chaos and delves into escapism, isolation, relationship conflicts, and  decay.  With nods to William S. Burroughs and Joy Division’s song of the same name,  “​Interzone ​ is like existing between two zones,” Jared says. “​Interzone ​ doesn’t mean one thing. It can mean different things...

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