The Brook & The Bluff | Blueberry Hill Duck Room | 01.22.2022 | St. Louis, MO

Sold Out

The Brook and The Bluff

with Izzy Heltai

Set Times:
The Brook & The Bluff: 9pm
Izzy Heltai: 8pm
Doors at 7pm
*Set times are approximate and subject to change without notice.

About The Brook and The Bluff

The Brook & The Bluff is a Birmingham-born, Nashville-based band that has quickly become recognized by its evocative blend of vocal harmony, soulful air and groovitational pull. These elements are readily apparent in the group’s releases, which have helped spur the band forward in their musical pursuits. What started as a duo of Alec & Joseph transformed into the dynamic live act with John & Fred filling out the band.

The quartet’s early music was widely successful – from charting on Spotify’s US and Canada Viral 50 Playlists to sold out shows across the country, the band has had an exhilarating launch. The Brook & The Bluff’s debut full length album, FIRST PLACE, was released in late 2019 and the band continues to grow with thrilling live shows across the country.

About Izzy Heltai

Izzy Heltai lives with his mom. A lover of “meaningless” flash tattoos because of their limitless nature, Izzy is covered in skulls, snakes, animal heads, and femme silhouettes. He dresses like a sixteen-year old boy. He eats more fruit than the average person and makes really good music. You’ll like it a lot.

Izzy Heltai’s roots grow from the tireless grind of DIY shows. His early, self-booked tours were both extensive and eccentric – the venues including VFW dive bars, coffee shops, and once as the intermission between two sets of a Grateful Dead cover band. It was in this unpredictability that Izzy Heltai found his expansive and prolific voice as an artist – the relentless hustle became an abundant source of inspiration for his curious and observational style of songwriting.

In “Day Plan (5 Songs Written 4 the End of the World)”, he creates moments you could hum to yourself in a moment of introspection or scream off the top of a parking garage at 2am – either would feel like a catharsis. His music is as nimble as it is grounded – walking the...

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