The Moss - Old Rock House - St. Louis, MO - 06.23.23

The Moss

with Friko

About The Moss

In a musical landscape with fewer boundaries than ever before, THE MOSS’s exuberant brand of alternative rock spans genres, eras, and even oceans.

The Utah-via-Hawaii group was born on the shores of Oahu in 2015, as teenage buddies Tyke James (vocals/guitar) and Addison Sharp (guitar) picked up a gig serenading diners at local taco trucks in between surf sessions. Naturally, their songs took shape in the spirit of the island, imbued with the joyfulness and breeziness of reggae culture yet cut with the introspection and communal spirit of mainland indie acts like Pinegrove and Cage the Elephant.

By 2018, the duo had grown, enlisting Willie Fowler on drums and Addison’s brother Brierton on bass, and traded in beaches for the Great Salt Lake. They hit the stage at spots like local cornerstone Kilby Court, live-testing their modern-indie-meets-’60s-blues with a wide-eyed exuberance that translated effortlessly into their 2019 self-released debut, Bryology

Colored by the sound of Stratocasters jamming through reverb-cranked Fender amps, all backed by bouncy rhythms, Bryology marked a big step for the still-young quartet – but, true to The Moss’s nature,...

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About Friko

Fans know Friko (the trio made up of Bailey Minzenberger, Luke Stamos, and frontman Niko Kapetan) as rising stars in the Chicago scene. The music, which freelancer Britt Julious described as “perfect slices of indie-pop” in the Chicago Tribune last January, has grown more complex, layered, and dynamic in the bands’ brief (nonetheless, impressive) time together. Their music is comfortable holding onto multiple extremes at once. Take, for instance, the band’s demo album Burnout Beautiful, in which Kapetan effortlessly explores the possibility and risks of a life given over to music, interrogating what a life well-lived means to him.

The demo’s 12 tracks were written and recorded in the basement of his childhood home. The story grounds the universal in the intimate, shrouding the “high-stakes” in coziness. This duality rings out in their latest release, Whenever Forever, as well. With lush compositions that evoke rock and folk icons such as Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake paired with stark post punk and elements of shoegaze. Their performances similarly balance high drama and familiarity.

As Friko plays out sweeping melodies, held up by thrashing guitar and punchy beats, it feels as if Kapetan sings to you. Crooning about stories you know, memories you had...

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