Venue Set Up

The Pageant is a tiered venue with the dance floor at the lowest level, followed by the first tier and second tiers, which are elevated approximately two feet from the level below. The Pageant was built from the ground up, specifically to accommodate a music venue, allowing every seat/standing area to be within 70 feet of the stage. Every seat is a good seat at The Pageant!

General Admission

General Admission Map - The Pageant

Most shows are set up with the Main Floor General Admission and Reserved Balcony unless otherwise noted on the Calendar page.

General Admission (GA) seating is set up in a cabaret style with tables, chairs, and bar stools. Standing may be necessary if all seats are taken. Please respect your fellow patrons – seat saving is strictly prohibited.

Minors (those under 21) must be physically separated from alcohol. Therefore, GA Seating may be set up four different ways, depending on the amount of minors expected: (Main Floor Set-Up, Balcony is 21+)

Right Side, Dance Floor: Most common set up. Minors are allowed on the right side of the venue and on the dance floor.
Right Side Only: Mostly over 21 crowd. Minors are allowed on the right side of the venue only.
Small Bowtie: Mostly under 21 crowd. Minors are allowed on the right side, dance floor, left side.
Medium Bowtie: Minors are allowed on the right side, dance floor, first tier center & left side.
Large Bowtie: Mostly under 21 crowd. Minors are allowed on the right side, dance floor and first & second tier on the left side.

Venue set up is normally not determined until one week prior to the show, but may change on the day of the show. Remember: Alcohol is prohibited in the minor sections. Minors are prohibited in the alcohol sections.

Reserved Balcony

The Pageant - Reserved Balcony

The Balcony sits directly above the 2nd Tier on the Main Floor and contains stadium/theatre style seating with cushioned seats and cup holders. Each row is tiered to ensure optimal sight line.

Balcony seating is reserved unless otherwise noted on the Calendar page. While a Balcony ticket is not required to enter the Balcony, Balcony admittance is always 21+ unless otherwise noted. The Balcony is not open for every show. Please visit the Calendar page for specific show information.

Reserved Main Floor


Reserved shows will be noted on the Calendar. Minors (those under 21) are not restricted to any section during reserved shows. The Balcony is usually ALL AGES during reserved shows; however, please visit the Calendar for specifics.

Accessible Seating

The Pageant is a fully accessible venue. Ramps lead down to each tier and an elevator is provided for all patrons.

Please contact The Pageant Box Office (314.726.6161) prior to the day of the event if you need to make special arrangements (disabled seating, etc.). Please give us as much advance notice as possible so we have time to respond to your request and accommodate you accordingly.