The Pageant offers the following options to our customers who need special accommodations when attending shows at The Pageant:

  1. Purchase accessible seating. Please note – this seating is limited and may sell out so please purchase early.
  2. Request to be added to The Pageant’s Special Accommodations List. You will be asked to provide your name, contact phone number, reason for request and whether your party is over 21 or under 21. Each customer on the list may bring one ticketed companion only. Once on this list, your name will be placed at accessible seating located along the back rail of the venue with the closest and easiest access to entrances/exits and restrooms. Your seating will be in the appropriate under 21 or over 21 section of the venue depending upon the information you provided at the time of your request. If this information is no longer accurate, please contact us prior to 3pm on the day of the show. Since your seating will be “reserved” you are welcome to arrive at the venue at any time. However, if you reject the seating chosen for you and decide to sit elsewhere, the reserved signage will be removed thus opening the seating to other guests. IMPORTANT: This list is limited and may fill to capacity, at which time, no other names will be accepted.
  3. Participate in The Halo Bar’s Early Entry Program (for those over 21 only) or Suite 100’s Early Entry Program (for those under 21 only). Please note that both of these programs may fill to capacity, at which time, no other customers will be accommodated. In addition, certain shows may not allow for these programs. This is determined at the sole discretion of the artist and may or may not be decided in advance of the show date.

Please contact The Pageant directly should you have questions. We can be reached by phone at 314.726.6161 or email at