Shakey Deal: A Neil Young Tribute Band

Artist's Bio

Shakey Deal was first formed in the wake of Kevin Renick’s success with his theme song for the Jason Reitman film UP IN THE AIR in 2010. That fall, a Neil Young tribute show was performed at St. Louis’ Off Broadway venue which was a substantial success. Renick had grown up loving the work of Mr. Young, and found that people were constantly telling him how much he sounded like his idol. Through several lineups, the new Shakey Deal band gradually earned a local following, spreading their Neil tribute shows to nearby towns such as Columbia, St. James and elsewhere. A couple of versatile musicians solidified the lineup in 2015, and the band is now poised to rock the region with fresh energy and determination. They perform both classic Neil Young (“Heart of Gold,” “Down By the River,” “The Loner”) and lesser-known tunes (“The Losing End,” “On the Beach,” “Get Back On It,” “Ambulance Blues”), electric and acoustic, to present a balanced and vibrant Neil Young experience.