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Our website contains a complete listing of events produced by The Pageant Team at our core venues The Pageant & Delmar Hall. Additionally, we list those presented by our partners and associates at other locations in and around St. Louis.

We do our best to offer a wide variety of quality shows in a professional manner.  Please drop us a line here with any feedback or questions.


Located in the Delmar Loop, The Pageant has earned a world-wide reputation as an exceptional concert venue over its 20+ year history.  Built for live music, The Pageant’s versatile layout helps create a unique intimacy between performer & audience.

The Pageant

Next door to The Pageant, Delmar Hall was designed as a companion venue and opened in 2016 as a modern-day version of Mississippi Nights. Delmar Hall has quickly solidified its place as the premier mid-level venue in St. Louis and accommodates shows for up to 750 music enthusiasts.

Delmar Hall
Halo Bar Light

The Pageant’s Halo Bar is a concert-themed cocktail lounge in the heart of the Delmar Loop. The Halo Bar offers early access to shows, premium beverages and late-night entertainment. The Halo Bar is open before, during & after most shows at The Pageant.

The Halo Bar