Charles Wesley Godwin - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO - 09.19.24

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Charles Wesley Godwin

with Nicholas Jamerson

About Charles Wesley Godwin

For a while there, Charles Wesley Godwin was in something of a funk. A typically prolific writer, and one who over his first two critically-acclaimed albums had proven himself to be a reflective and soulful songwriter and singer — a storyteller in the vein of his heroes like Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Bruce Springsteen— Godwin found himself in a state of stasis last year. To hear him tell it, he was frozen in place — unable to find the words to what he hoped would become his new songs and under a level of pressure he’d never previously experienced.

And yet, what would ultimately inspire the man was right in front of him all along: family. “I had to get back to the basics,” says the introspective, self-aware artist of what finally set him and his new songs free. “I decided I was going to write about my life and my family. It’s where my heart was guiding me: to be super personal and dig right into the weeds of my life.” The resulting LP, Family Ties —Godwin’s forthcoming third album, set for release on September 22
via Big Loud Records — is a truly stunning achievement, and...

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About Nicholas Jamerson

In the last ten years, Nicholas Jamerson has created a catalog that reaches across broad spectrums in substance and style. The eastern Kentucky native has endeared himself to fans in the region and beyond as a founding member of the duo, Sundy Best. In recent years Nicholas performed extensively solo and with his band The Morning Jays. Both with the band and on his own Nicholas has made his mark on the most hallowed stages and festivals – from the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium to Americana and Master Musician Festivals. He is among an esteemed group of today’s artists who have shaped, redefined, and expanded the notions of Appalachian and Southern music. He reminds people why they love it and enjoy its many splendors. Jamerson’s songs are known for their attention to the natural world, warm-hearted characters, and the plight and triumphs of the modern-day hillbilly.