Crowe Boys - Blueberry Hill Duck Room - St. Louis, MO - 06.17.24

Crowe Boys

About Crowe Boys

Crowe Boys have been making music ever since they could each hold an instrument. Throughout their youth, music was an integral part of their family’s traveling lifestyle. While aspects of their career have changed over the years, the underlying message of their music has not; staying positive and sharing hope has always been their trademark. Now, a couple of decades later, that is still the case.

Their sound today flies under the banner of alternative folk music. It is reviving, hopeful, and recollecting of adventure, yet saturated with unveiled honesty about life and hardships. There have been milestones that contribute to what many of their songs are about: losing family members, falling in love, and the joys of becoming a parent. As a reflection of this, their music simultaneously speaks depth and strums joy. It has purpose and intention, eager to be shared with the world.

The two brothers have an unquestionable bond that is evident both on stage and off, with their connection to one another being foundational to their creative process. The passion in each performance is striking when this closeness and vulnerability allows them to sing about things most important to them. First and foremost is their...

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