Gel - Blueberry Hill Duck Room - St. Louis, MO - 09.14.24

Persona US Tour '24


with MSPAINT , Destiny Bond , The Mall

About GEL

GEL can’t be stopped. Since emerging from the New Jersey hardcore scene, the band have quickly earned a dedicated following with their instant-classic debut full-length, Only Constant (2023), and a penchant for non-stop touring. But GEL are just getting started, as evidenced by Persona: a pummeling new five-song EP that evolves their ultra-visceral sound, harnessing all of their momentum into a unrestrained musical force headed straight for your ears.

Since the release of Only Constant, GEL–vocalist Sami Kaiser (they/them), guitarists Anthony Webster (he/him) and Maddi Nave (they/them), bassist Mathew Bobko (he/him), and new drummer Alex Salter (he/him)–have been bringing their unhinged live show all around the world, but their busy schedule left very little time for writing new music. “We had to book studio time and make some self-imposed deadlines,” explains Webster. “It was stressful but it helped–we just tour so much that it’s the only way to force us into the writing zone.” The group decamped to a cabin in the woods and began working more collaboratively than ever before, seeking to push their sound and take advantage of the creative confidence gained through relentless touring. “I feel like Only Constant was the cap on us doing that style...

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