I See Stars - Delmar Hall - St. Louis, MO - 07.14.24

2024 U.S. Summer Headline Tour

I See Stars

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About I See Stars

I See Stars perfect a push-and-pull between sweeping hard rock, metallic energy, and electronic dance music on their fifth full-length album, Treehouse [Sumerian Records]. In order to achieve that often illusory balance, the Warren, MI quartet—Devin Oliver [clean & unclean vocals], Brent Allen [lead, rhythm guitar], Jeff Valentine [bass], and Andrew Oliver [vocals, keys, synths, programming, drums]—rebuilt their very foundation, creatively and personally.

“This is the most time we’ve had to create an album since 3D,” Devin admits. “We actually had time to reflect on our past, but most importantly what we want to become. Beyond the music, it felt like an evolution for us emotionally. We finally feel like the band we were meant to be. If you strip it down, it’s not just drums, guitar, bass, vocals, and minor production. The electronic aspects could be their own songs, and we aim to blend everything as seamlessly as possible.”

This methodical and meticulous approach has defined the band since day one. Their musical hybrid started to turn heads on the one-two punch of 3-D [2009] and The End of the World Party [2011]. Digital Renegade [2012] would vault them to national prominence, going Top 10 on Billboard’s Alternative Albums...

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About Attack Attack!

If you went to Warped Tour in the mid 2000’s, shopped at Hot Topic, or were active on Myspace; then you have heard the name “Attack Attack!” While the band’s early career was relatively short-lived, their reputation has done nothing but grow since the band went on indefinite hiatus in 2013. Known for incorporating dance/electronica music with metal, the band consistently bent the rules of songwriting. They took the sounds they liked and crafted seemingly incompatible genres into anthems for local Ohio scene kids, and later, audiences across the globe. After years of silence, Attack Attack! exploded back onto the scene in 2020. They’re here to remind you that rules are made to be broken, adversity is meant to be overcome, and that legends never die.