Michael Blakey - Blueberry Hill Duck Room - St. Louis, MO - 5.31

Michael Blakey & The Bandits of Time

with West End Junction

About Michael Blakey & The Bandits of Time

Michael Blakey is an American rock singer-songwriter. Inspired by the 90s rock and grunge scene, and more recent British folk-punk. With his powerful lyrics, raw energy, and driving guitar playing, Michael has created a sound that he can call his own. His storytelling abilities bleed into his songwriting, taking audiences on evocative journeys, either to distant places in the world or into the depths of the human mind. He carries out explosive live performances with just his voice and guitar, but also orchestrates and creates full band recordings of his original music.

About West End Junction

West End Junction is an alternative folk duo from St. Louis, MO, comprised of Cara Ristau (vocals, keys, and percussion) and Dan Ristau (guitar). The pair met in 2014 in a south St. Louis apartment jam session through mutual friends. Unable to stay away from the music that brought them together, they created the name West End Junction in 2019. Their debut single, “Little Sister Cedar Tree” will be released on all major streaming platforms ahead of their EP Wandering Minds on July 2, 2021.