Nothing But Thieves - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO - 10.19.24

105.7 The Point Welcomes
Welcome To The DCC Tour

Nothing But Thieves

About Nothing But Thieves

Welcome to the Dead Club City. A place, a mindset, a metaverse with cocktails, where privilege and alienation go toe-to-toe. A ballpit and a battleground for celebrity culture, social alienation, personal relationships, the EU, internet subset culture, class, the music industry, political movements and culture wars, tribalism and unity, protest and media, the youth versus the old guard. A club for rocking and rucking.

‘Welcome to the DCC’: the hip-swinging, fist-punching, sky-scraping first song on the fourth album from Nothing But Thieves. An advertisement for the songs and ideas to come, it’s the perfect curtain-raiser. Think: hard rock Daft Punk. Then think: I better get my dancing boots on.

Welcome to Dead Club City: a concept album bursting with characters, concepts, narratives and a walk-on part for a band called Zzzeros who, say their creators, “are desperate to find fame and status in the sleaze of the DCC but end up chewed up and spat out by the city”. Recorded and self-produced by Nothing But Thieves guitarist Dom Craik over six months in a recording studio bunker in the Essex countryside, the 11 songs are vividly alive with big ideas, pop hooks, soul flourishes, hip hop beats,...

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