Surfer Girl - The Duck Room - St. Louis, MO - 12.03.24

Sunset Tour

Surfer Girl

with Coyote Island

About Surfer Girl

Introducing Surfer Girl, led by the charismatic Carter Reeves, the former front man of the hip-hop/pop sensation Aer. Embodying the laid-back spirit of coastal living, Carter has seamlessly transitioned from his Aer days to craft a sound that’s all about good vibes and groovy rhythms. Their music seamlessly combines indie-pop, reggae, surf-rock, and hip-hop elements. Hailing from Wayland, MA, Carter’s music captures the essence of sun-soaked days and breezy evenings.

In the past year, Surfer Girl has left an indelible mark on the festival circuit, gracing major stages at Sea.Hear.Now, SunFest, Cali Vibes, Reggae Rise Up and many more. Carter’s magnetic stage presence and Surfer Girl’s infectious tunes create an atmosphere that’s both nostalgic and fresh. Audiences can’t help but get swept up in the sonic journey, making every performance a memorable experience.

As a seasoned performer with a knack for connecting with diverse crowds, Carter Reeves and Surfer Girl bring a unique blend of musical prowess and beachy coolness to every show.

About Coyote Island

Equilibrium depends on music. Body, mind, and soul move in a perfect harmony together. Synapses fire and hearts thump in time like a drumbeat. In this respect, the right tune sung at the right moment works like the best kind of natural medicine. Maine-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Coyote Island—a.k.a. Mike O’Hehir—recognizes and reveres the restorative potential of songcraft. Mixing folk, reggae, pop, world, cumbia, and psychedelia, he stirs up a sonic elixir meant to invigorate and inspire.

Reeling in over 10 million streams and counting and packing shows, authentic intention underscores his artistry at all times.

“There’s a deeper purpose to my music,” affirms Mike. “Its pure healing energy has become apparent to me. We want to travel the world and hopefully be able to reach and, possibly, heal anyone in need..” Growing up in Maine, Mike uncovered his passion for music as a kid. Gravitating to folk, he picked up an acoustic guitar and played as many open mics as possible in between marathon busking sessions. His life twisted and turned geographically and creatively. Eventually, he packed a bag and traded the Northeast for Northern California with adventure and “some soul searching” in mind. Life experiences (and...

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