Tokyo Police Club - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO - 11.05.24

The Final Tour

Tokyo Police Club

About Tokyo Police Club

Formed while in High School in Newmarket, Ontario just north of Toronto, Tokyo Police Club have forged a two decade career creating infectious power indie pop, over the course of five full-length albums and one of the most acclaimed debut EPs of all time, with performances across the globe, from Coachella to The Late Show with David Letterman to Wisteria Lane.

The high-energy indie rock outfit Tokyo Police Club began as a favorite of mid-2000s music blogs, but lasted far longer than many of their contemporaries thanks in part to their evolving sound. While their early EPs boasted a brash style in keeping with the rock revival earlier from earlier in the decade, the band opted for a more introspective approach on 2008’s debut album Elephant Shell. Whether they took their music in a more polished direction, as on 2014’s Forcefield, or in a rawer one, as on 2018’s TPC, the hooks that defined Tokyo Police Club’s music remained.