Abby Holliday - Blueberry Hill Duck Room - St. Louis, MO - 09.12.24

Tickets Available on 06/14/2024 10:00 am


Abby Holliday

About Abby Holliday

There comes a time in every artist’s career when the art form transcends a mere outlet for self-expression and becomes a universal gift to mankind laced with the necessary genius of its creator. For some it takes years, for 27-year-old Abby Holliday it was there from the start, her vulnerable introspection and brutal lyricism combined with mind-bending sonic sensibilities and a distinct production style that immediately fused a bond between her and her loyal fan base that grows stronger every day. Hailing from Cincinnati, OH now residing in Nashville, TN, Holliday masterfully guides listeners through moments in time extremely specific to her own life that puts words to collective experiences of the human condition, reaching into places we might not have known existed prior.

Having begun her musical journey on guitar, Abby found her voice during her early years of college where she began quietly writing songs in the confines of her room. After a friend heard the songs and encouraged her to record them, Abby met producer Jonathan Class and set off to record her debut WHEN WE’RE FAR APART I FALL APART. It was in these studio moments where Abby’s sound began to take shape, a launchpad for...

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