Better Than Ezra - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO - 05.09.24

Live A Little Tour

Better Than Ezra

with Hey Steve

Set Times:
Better Than Ezra – 9:15pm
Hey Steve – 8:00pm
Doors – 7:00pm
*Set times are approximate and subject to change without notice.

About Better Than Ezra

Songs, albums, live performances — some are simply timeless. From their early roots, circa 1988, playing house parties at Louisiana State University, Better Than Ezra have made their mark on the music world in a major way. Yes, the New Orleans quartet, founded by Kevin Griffin [lead vocals, guitar, piano] and Tom Drummond [bass, backing vocals], who unleash hummable melodies, unshakable guitar riffs, and confessional lyrics, have stood the test of time — from 1995’s #1 hit “Good” all the way to Taylor Swift’s famous 2010 cover of the Better Than Ezra classic “Breathless.”

And they’re still going strong: after headlining monumental live shows all throughout 2023, the band is now gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated tenth studio album Super Magick, due out May 3rd via Round Hill Records. Named one of the “100 Greatest Alternative Artists of All Time” by Billboard, with a legacy that includes inspiring a classic Saturday Night Live skit, Better Than Ezra recently shared the first batch of singles from Super Magick: “Mystified,” “Contact High,” and “Live A Little.”

About Hey Steve

HEY STEVENew wave punk band Hey Steve taps the flamboyant musicality of The Cars, Devo, The Clash,and The Talking Heads, and tosses it into a blender with the dark satire of Kurt Vonnegut andthe wry observational wit of David Sedaris. Within anarrative context, the band waxes absurdand poetic about the apocalypse, courtship rituals, and manners, among other things.Hey Steve is the brainchild of Luke Dick, an Oklahoma born, Nashville based songsmith who haspenned hits for the likes of Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves and Dierks Bentley.

The band’s 2018 summer “anti-war ditty” “Fuck a Bomb” delivers its rebellious message in away that only Hey Steve could conjure–“Fuck a bomb, drop a single,” a tongue-in-cheek call-to-arms thatlanded the band on Spotify’s Rock This playlist (4.5 MILLION followers). It’s justanother example of the band’s quirky lyrics and outside-the-box compositions that have alreadygarnered admiration from outlets like NPR, who’s Ann Powers invited Hey Stevein for a WorldCafe Nashville Session and states “Dick has a strong voice and vision in his own right, and itmanifests in stories more creative—and funnier—than what Music Row usually offers,” andRolling Stone Country who featured Dick with an in depth interview, calling Hey Steve Dick’s“irreverent Nashville punk band”...

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