Mexican Slum Rats - The Duck Room - St. Louis, MO - 09.22.24

"Monumental Sentimental Ripping Through The Continental Stratosphere" Tour 2024

Mexican Slum Rats

About Mexican Slum Rats

Five-piece alternative band hailing from Granada Hills, CA. The five create an atmosphere that is overwhelming with emotion.

“Mexican Slum Rats are masters at composing songs one can feel to their core, balancing tranquility with chaos — a perfect mixture that is only heightened by their expressive instrumentals. Lead vocalist Kevin Villalba has an unforgettable and profound pitch that lingers to correctly portray the sense of vulnerability people often attempt to conceal, humanizing their music and creating an outlet for others to turn to. Accompanying Villalba’s vehement displays are the distinct sounds of a strumming guitar, making for a complete and ideal performance.”

Catherine Quinones, Daily Trojan