Palace - Delmar Hall - St. Louis, MO - 04.29.24



with Jens Kuross

About Jens Kuross

Angsty teenage punk rocker, turned disciplined jazz disciple, turned session musician muscle, turned introspective song smith, turned touring crooner and purveyor of raw emotion, Jens Kuross has worn out more than his share of hats.

While recording and touring as the drummer and keyboardist for indie-electronic luminaries The Acid, singer-songwriter Ry X, and the deep house duo Howling, Jens Kuross managed to steadily release a string of singles and EPs that garnered all the right kind of attention, earning him deals with both Brixton based Aesop records, as well as Domino Publishing Company. His profile continued to grow after his music was featured on TV shows “Lucifer” and “13 Reasons why”, all while he was touring globally, opening for artists such as Rhye, Bonobo, and Gogo Penguin. Jens Kuross finally released his debut full-length record “The Man Nobody Can Touch” in late 2020 too much enthusiasm from both fans and industry alike and his newest offering, an EP titled “Everything is Poisonous” comes out on Berlin indie label Bigamo this spring.

“Kuross’ music creates much needed space in a cluttered world” – Cement Magazine
“…the kind of music that from experience, sounds...

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